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The Vantage Point Experience

“My Vantage Point experience changed my life, and everyday since.”

Michelle Aitken, Secretary

What is it like to live with a disability? How would you adjust to getting around in a wheelchair, being visually impaired, or relying only on your sense of touch to process the world around you?

Vantage Point is a unique orientation method whereby new employees learn first-hand Delarc’s positive, pro-active approach to supporting people with disabilities. On their first day of employment, every member of the Delarc team goes through the powerful Vantage Point experience. Delarc also welcomes many visiting professionals from across the country to experience Vantage Point. Vantage Point is more than a glimpse into life with disabilities – it’s a recipe for empathy, caring, and trust.

Read more about this unique method in the Vantage Point monograph available through our fwdshift website: http://www.fwdshift.org/vantage-point/

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