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Service Coordination

In order to meet the recent increase in demand, we're pleased to announce the expansion of our Service Coordination Department. Delarc has been providing this valuable service for over ten years and has veteran staff with the experience to provide exceptional service to individuals and families.

Service Coordinators use an ongoing person-centered approach to helping people find and access the available supports and services they need to enjoy full, rich lives. They also help people cope with challenges and life-changing events by offering information, options, moral support, and advocacy. Whether it’s related to finances, education, medical, housing, employment, counseling, advocacy, respite, environmental modifications or any other area of need, Service Coordinators work with individuals and families and connect them with the available supports and services.

The Arc of Delaware County is eager to serve you and your loved one! To learn more about Delarc , its knowledgable and caring staff, and the quality of services we provide, visit our Youtube link to view our videos.

For information about our Service Coordination Services contact Heather Greene, LCSW, Director of Support Services at hgreene@delarc.org or call (607) 865-7126 ext. 104.

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