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At Delarc, our focus is on the learning and growth of the people we serve. Our uniquely positive organization offers a variety of supports and services for people with disabilities. Whether the individual's desired outcomes focus on community inclusion, skill-building, or employment, personal fulfillment and self-esteem are the results.

Whether it’s learning to read, volunteering, taking a small engine repair class at a local repair shop, reading to students at the Elementary School, taking horseback riding lessons, learning photography, attending art lessons, or learning to do the Cha Cha, Delarc works with each individual to identify their desires and make them a reality. Delarc provides staff support so individuals can attend classes and take part in events within their communities. In addition, Delarc hosts classes with guest instructors from the community along with classes instructed by Delarc staff.

Delarc also helps guide and prepare individuals with an interest in working. Based on a person-centered philosophy, Delarc approaches vocational training holistically, preparing the whole person for what it means to contribute to a job as an employee and colleague. Delarc provides in-house employment opportunities for people with disabilities and also makes it possible for individuals to work at jobs in their communities, providing job coaching and support in order for individuals to be successful in their occupations. Several individuals are employed at Delaware County’s landfill as part of the Material’s Recycling Facility (MRF), there individuals work as part of a team overseeing all operations of the MRF, sorting recyclables which in turn generate revenue for the county.

Self-esteem and independence flourish in Delarc’s person-centered and outcome based environment.

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