On a frigid, windy, spring morning we showed up to celebrate Earth Day and give a hand to our new neghbors, The Delh Rehabilitiation and Nursing Center. With the Guidance of The Catskill Forest Association, and assistance from students from Delaware Academy, we helped plant several apple trees. From beautiful spring blossoms right through to delicious fruit, Golden Delicious to be exact, and on to to the beauty of snow covered branches in the winter, they will provide enjoyment for years to come for the people the center is supporting.

Despite a day that felt more like early December than April, there were many happy faces!

Adrian W. particularly enjoyed the event. She proclaimed many times she was used to working and staying busy even in the cold. You can see by the smile of her face she was having a great time! I asked Adrian what she remembers most about the day or liked the best and she replied, “I liked when the man told us about adding dirt back to the hole and showed us how to plant the tree.”

Everyone had a hand in planting and we loved working with friends from the neighborhood. What a joy it will be to watch the trees grow to maturity and adorn the beautiful new fascility filling an important role for our community!


Adrian loved planting trees!
Working with friends.