DSP’s Have a Great Impact

We had a great time celebrating DSP (Direct Support Professional) week here at The Arc of Delaware County! Each day of the week was filled with sharing little surprises for the entire staff, agency-wide.  We were sure to capture bright, beautiful smiling faces and hope you enjoy the pictures below.

The Arc of Delaware County recognizes that DSP’s are a critical and fundamental element of supporting people to live personally fulfilling lives both here at The Arc and all over the nation! They are among the hero’s working directly with people every day to help them achieve their goals and celebrate their success.


Champions For Greater Independence


Krystina V.

Krystina V. has been able to move into her own apartment with the help of the DSP’s that support her. DSP’s like Sheila. Krystina says, “It’s amazing what Sheila has done for me. She cares about me a lot and has taught me how to cope with things. She is very helpful. I have learned how to meet my money goals.”



Bev and Fred




In fact, budgeting, math, and money are commonly mentioned when people talk about the difference DSP’s have made in their lives. Bev and Rita both shared with me that because of the people who support them every day they know how to budget their money. They both agreed that understanding money and how to use it helps them reach their goals and be a lot more independent. Nice, kind, and friendly are words they both used to describe Fred, the DSP that assist them with these things. Fred says he tries to make learning fun and not feel like learning. It seems to have raised the bar for everyone! “Fred is funny. I like him. I understand fractions now which helps me with recipes and crafts.”, says Jenna. Jenna used her understanding of fractions to make small containers of slime that the art studio shared at the recent EVAN Walk event in the Delhi community. The kids attending the event loved the slime!




Another popular item shared at the same event were sensory jars. Terressa made dozens of them to share and loves them herself. It was because of her DSP’s in the art studio that she discovered not only how to make them but shows me her favorite one and tells me, “I love this one. I look at it and it makes me so calm.” Terressa points to DSP Leah and tells me that because of Leah she knows how to teach an art class. Last summer, Terressa led a “cookies and canvas” activity at our agency staff retreat. The picture was one of Terressa’s signature flowers that everyone had an opportunity to create their own version of. Because of the DSP’s that support Terressa, she has become an artist! Terressa also says about Leah, “She is my friend. She is very nice. She’s kind and funny. She loves to joke around.”



Jean takes a moment to share with me that DSP’s have brought to life for her a long time love for horses. Jean takes riding lessons now! She loves the “girl horse” that she rides. Jean gets to help mount the saddle and combs her horse after each ride is through. She also added that people that support her have helped her learn to take good care of herself, asking for doctors and other professionals when she needs them.




Kaitlyn Bradley, a DSP in our Community Living Skills Program in Walton, is another rock star with a go-getter attitude and is always willing and flexible. Her positive personality is contagious and people gravitate to her. She has built strong and caring relationships. One such relationship is with Susan. She worked with Susan on her ability to communicate her wants and needs using sign language. Susan’s signing vocabulary has not only increased since working with Kaitlyn but has allowed her more independence communicating with people around her and in her community.



You’re Fantastic Today and Every Day!

It’s not hard for anyone to see why this profession is so incredibly important. A deeper integration into communities and an increase in independence and empowerment for anyone in life is a win-win for everyone! While DSP recognition week is celebrated from September 9th – September 15th nationally, celebrating the dedication and accomplishments of outstanding Direct Support Professionals and their vital contribution to communities across the country, will be celebrated year around here at The Arc of Delaware County!



Celebrate With Us!

Let’s give all these amazing people, a great big virtual round of applause for the outstanding work they do!