Katrina and Hobo Hank
“Our Place” is an Adult Enrichment Center offering an array of activities & programs for seniors and other community members. The senior program is open Wednesdays from noon to 3 pm at The Saint James Church,  55 Lake Delaware Dr, Delhi, NY 13753
Henry Kamp was more than happy to respond to an invitation to perform and bring lots of laughs as his clown character “Hobo Hank”. Accompanied by his friend and fellow clown  “Chee Chee” (Chet Delameter Jr.) Henry performed for the senior members at “Our Place”.
Katrina, Life Coach V, describes the fun event best:
“Henry, Chet and Lauri McIntosh, “Our Place” program facilitator, were very excited to put on a Halloween show for “Our Place”. Henry and Chet met weekly to prepare for their show. When the day came it couldn’t have gone any better!! It was one of their best shows by far! The audience was very responsive and everyone laughed their hearts out at the jokes and tricks including Chee Chee and Hobo Hank! They also handed out some business cards and look forward to future shows held at the St. James Church!”
“Hobo Hank” with Katrina and “Chee Chee”.
Having a great time!