by Jessica Baldi, Life Coach 5:


Wendy Evanistky has been volunteering at Alice’s Attic in Walton for about a year now. She has a wonderful relationship with David, who works for Alice’s Attic and is valued and appreciated for all that she does at the thrift shop. Throughout the week, Wendy coordinates outfits through a designing app she uses on her iPad while at day program. She has developed a unique method starting with pants, top, shoes then accessories and has great success.

This activity came about as Wendy and the staff at Thrive discovered her natural talent for designing. Originally she designed and sold greeting cards.  As she continued to progress as an artist, her interest in designing cards faded. Wendy’s support team at Thrive got together with Wendy to brainstorm how she could use her growing natural talent for designing in a different way. Displaying a flare for fashion, Wendy was thrilled at the idea of designing outfits for mannequins and Alice’s Attic was more than willing to have her come in and give it a try. The rest is history!

It was awesome to have everyone put their heads together and think so innovatively and out of the box so that Wendy’s gift could be utilized and appreciated. This is a prime example of how The Arc of Delaware County works to enhance and highlight peoples individual and unique gifts so that they can truly know a sense of  value and appreciation as well as confidence in expressing their gifts and individuality.