This month we had a wonderful time during a visit from our friends at Andes Central School. Mrs. White has been bringing classes here for a few years to make new friends and learn some new things. After a hiatus of a couple of years, those visits started again and what a wonderful experience it was for everyone!


Fifth and sixth graders spent the first part of the morning in the art studio. They learned about the Studio’s history and got busy making Unity Bloom ornaments to take home. They also had a chance to watch some of the videos that have been made during  Studios 190’s Selfie Project


Everyone partnered with a buddy for the last hour of the morning and went with their friend to the classes they attend. They had fun in Movement and Theater, Gardening, and Self-Advocacy. The participation in every class was fantastic and the input from everyone in Self-Advocacy was enough to give anyone great hope in our future!


Everyone had such a good time. We all look forward to the next visit!