It’s hard to imagine but our Holiday Hoopla event is approaching a 15 year anniversary. With each passing year we have more fun, make new friends, and welcome our community to the fun-filled event. About 100 of our neighbors come through our doors to have a good time with us and we couldn’t be happier!

This year we celebrated with a Halloween theme and lots of ghouls and goblins stopped by to play games, make crafts, and have refreshments! It is such a good time for everyone. There was a witch hat ring toss, a fantastic sensory experience with the chance to run fingers through all kinds of creepy and interesting stuff like, “maggots, brains, guts, and eyeballs”.  You could follow the paper boats down the hallway to stumble upon the creepiest IT! decorations imaginable!

Many tried their hand at bouncing ping pong balls into a can. It was no easy task! People at RFI, learning to cook and have fun in the kitchen, made over 70 cupcakes that everyone at Community Living Skills had a great time decorating for everyone who attended. There was pumpkin painting, face painting and more! Even Elvis was in the building. Let’s see if you can find the littlest version of the King. Don’t confuse him with The King! Have fun hunting for both of them in the pictures below.

No event at The Arc of Delaware County would be complete without the opportunity to purchases some amazing art produced in Studio 190.

We hope you enjoy a few pictures of the fun event.  If you’re in the neighborhood next fall, keep your eyes peeled for the event and join us! We know how to have a good time here and we would love to have you stop by to join the fun.