Celebrating our staff, recognizing them, and connecting to them is paramount to expressing how much they mean to us and are essential to our success.
Three or Four times a year we get the full staff together. We have some fun, celebrate who’s new and who’s been promoted, share what’s up and most importantly provide some thought-provoking activities that allow us to grow as an agency. We strive to continually stay relevant to meet the wants and needs of the amazing people we support and the staff we value.
For an enrichment activity at our most recent meeting we broke into groups and using some memes from Open Future Learning’s Facebook page, sparked some fantastic discussion! We are sharing just a few of them here and hope you will take some time to think about them and see what thoughts come up for you.
Including as many of our residential staff as possible in our staff meetings is always a challenge because they are busy staffing people’s homes. This year the staff came up with a fantastic idea to have a Halloween party at the same time in our main Hamden facility so the staff could rotate in and out of the meeting and be supported by staff members from all over the agency. It was fantastic! Everyone had a great time. We’ve included a few fun pictures of the party too! We hope you enjoy them.
Welcome aboard! Our newest staff members.
Career opportunity leads to a bunch of well-deserved promotions!
We pack ’em in and everyone becomes a comedian.