Each month we dedicate a section to introducing some aspect of, or someone from The Arc of Delaware County. We would also love to get to know you as well. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know us. This month we would love to introduce you to Gabriel (Gabe).


Gabe has been attending our Carousel Children’s Services integrated preschool since September 2019. He is a sweet little boy that comes to school in our afternoon class. He eats his lunch with the group and enjoys his time at the table. Gabe also attends and participates at circle time. He has so much fun. His time at Carousel is getting him all ready to participate and have an engaging kindergarten experience when the time comes!


Gabe follows a picture schedule nicely and finds that it helps him know what comes next in his busy afternoon. Learning great ways to communicate his needs is a great victory! What a success! Feeling unheard can be so frustrating for all of us. Interacting more with his peers makes for a joy-filled day.


Great job Gabe!!! In just four short months you are rocking preschool!