The sign in front of our program located at 190 Prospect Ave. in Walton is a true testament to the transformation that has taken place the past few years at this location.  Where a large blue ‘RFI’ sign once stood, a welcoming, colorful ‘Studio 190’ sign now stands brightly in its place.


“The primary objective of this program is to support people to live fulfilling lives and to build meaningful connections with our community.  This is accomplished in ways just as diverse and unique as the people being supported.  A few years ago we knew the workshop was going to be closing so we started to explore the arts as an option for the future, and it has now become a major part of what we do here.” shared Vinny Heller, Program Director.  “What started as art exploration has grown into a very successful art studio, Studio 190.” he added.


Studio artists are participating in local art shows, selling their artwork, and experiencing many opportunities for meaningful connections within our community.  Give us a call at 607-865-7184 if you’d like to stop by for a visit, meet the artists, and hear more about all the great things happening at 190 Prospect Ave. in Walton!