We are all making the best of this very interesting time in our nation’s history. Never before have we experienced a situation such as this. Being “locked-down” can be challenging even for the most creative and innovative of us! Being idle can also lend to a great deal of fear.


With that in mind, we created a fun BINGO game we want to share with you! You can access the BINGO card here:


Delarc Lock Down Bingo


This BINGO game is designed with your physical and emotional health in mind. We hope you find it fun, uplifting and informative. Play along with us! Find us on Facebook and give us a big shout out with “BINGO!” when you’ve completed a row. You get to choose the row you want to complete and you get to play as many times as you want! Share with your family. Share with the people you support. Get everyone on board!


Not on Facebook but want to give us your “BINGO!” shout out? No worries just email us at delarc@delarc.org


Can’t wait to hear from you! Be well friends and please practice the precautions that have been given to us to assist in shortening this duration.