When the coronavirus changed our world, day programs closed and everyone stayed at home to flatten the curve. Keeping everyone healthy was the order of the day and that meant choosing specific teams to staff houses that are now full 24/7. All of our DSP’s rose to the occasion supporting our residential program, staying engaged, active, and continuing to help people that are creating awesome lives.



Cierra stops roadside to get the job done!


When colleagues Cierra S. and Tammy P. found themselves working in different homes during different shifts, they also found themselves meeting each other on the highway.  While one came, the other left. Knowing important goal charting sheets had to be dispersed for the new month, without thought, they both spotted each other, did a U-ey, and exchanged sheets!


Honestly, friends. This is who we are! The dedication and commitment of this team during this unprecedented time is nothing short of phenomenal. These essential direct support professionals leave the safety of their own homes and families every day to support the people who live in our residential homes.


With safety at the top of everyone’s agenda, we have come together, are figuring it out and are on our game to do the very best we can to help flatten the curve. We couldn’t do it without these amazing people!


Sheila R., Laura J. and Amanda S., three more of our fantastic team, wanted to share some pictures of everyone at home during this time. Relaxing, working on goals, being creative, making the best of it. We hope these pictures inspire you to keep looking up!