George Osterhoudt has been a long time friend of The Arc of Delaware County for decades and when you’ve been a friend that long, you aren’t just a friend,  you’re family!


People from the Delhi community often ask, “Hey, how’s George doing?” fondly remembering him from the many years he was a part of the Delhi community. We recently celebrated another milestone and yet another new chapter in the book of George’s life. With keeping everyone safe from the corona virus crisis, what better way to celebrate than with a properly socially distanced and PPE protected parade!


It was so much fun! George received a great deal of support that day with many people showing up to send him off. He received many messages on social media. Here a just a few from long time friends in the community:


  • Pam Guy, local friend and business owner in Delhi, NY says, “I met George at Bingo Wednesdays when I was working the kitchen those years. Love him and loving serving him during those bingo nights!”
  • Michael P. Morgan had this to say, “I have known George for a lot of years. ‘Hi, my names George, what’s yours?’ I answered that a lot! Good luck to a good guy.”

Thank you for taking the time to share our experience! If you happen to see George, wish him well on another exciting adventure!