Here we are another month into what will go down in history as the viral pandemic of the century. Thankful for our blessings, grieving with our sister chapters in the epi-center whose losses we can scarcely comprehend, we seek to see the bright spots in each and every day. We are stronger together!


Tanya and CorinneThis is tough on everyone and good friends see us through. Corinne would like to share that while times have been hard, she is making it through with the love and support of friends like Tanya who is there to lend an ear and a hug when it’s needed most. ♥







Shannon and Corinne have been significant others for many years. When Corinne makes french toast that means that Shannon is coming for breakfast! Suddenly, making french toast became a sad event. A sad event that is, until she turned it all around! Thanks to technology, the couple were overjoyed to share their french toast together again!






Tanya didn’t let social distancing keep her from wishing her mom, Ona, a very special Happy Birthday! Anything is possible if you just get creative enough!



Oh, and Tanya also wanted us to know that cookies always make you feel better!  If she feels like making peanut butter cookies, now she just looks up the recipe, gets out the ingredients, and makes them!



David and Tina spend time getting some work done at home.


Bruce was missing his friend and music teacher Larry Jaimison. Once again, technology comes through and bridges the gap between missing friends and joyful connections!








Carol has a good time helping with the Rainbow of Hope project. It’s a beautiful day!


Sometimes just a friendly face and a shout out is medicine for our souls. Just ask Jake, Jamie, and Joe. Life is better when you can strike a pose for someone! What a blessing smartphones can be!

We are in this together, friends! All of us. Each and every amazing one of us! Special shout to these amazing Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) for helping to share these pieces of lives well lived that wanted to be shared! DSPs, the essential workforce that all too often goes unnoticed. Margaret Condon, Laura Jones, Carol Moore, Gary Kinne, Jacquie Pomeroy, and, Amanda Schecher.  We are so thankful for all you do! We can’t imagine what life would be like without the entire Delarc team!