From the beginning 53 years ago, The Arc of Delaware County recognized that a strong membership was necessary to successfully advocate for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In those early days, our members in partnership with all the members of The Arc of New York were truly a force to be reckoned with, creating a collective voice that opened doors of opportunity and started the journey that led us to where we are today. Today we are an organization creating rich, fulfilled lives of joy, independence, and citizenship.


As a chapter of the largest non-profit organization serving over 60,000 people with IDD, we are faced with the most challenging times in the 70-year history of The Arc of NY as well as our own 53-year chapter history. We need your membership and we need you to stand beside us now.


The truth is, we are not on the Governors radar screen. From the earliest years, we have had to come together to be loud enough to be heard and advocate for the people we support. They are our friends, neighbors, employees, and family members. Just a few years back we reached an all-time membership high but over the last couple of years, we have seen a slow decline in our membership base. We know it’s not the cost.


At a mere $5 a year, you become a member. For just $100 you are a lifetime member. That membership fee is a powerful three-tier membership to our local chapter, The Arc NY and The Arc National.  Recently we’ve taken a look at a few other things such as easy digital membership purchase and yearly auto-renewal options to accommodate a digital world and solicit more support from our community, Delaware County.


Our goal is to get our membership to a level that will enhance the leverage we need in the upcoming months and years to come. Please join us in our 2020 campaign.


Please help us with a lofty goal to DOUBLE our membership base here at The Arc of Delaware County. It is what has to been done and we know with your help we can do it!


What do you say? Are you in? We are Stronger Together! With you, we can weather this storm!


Become A Member


Stay tuned as we blog over the coming weeks about why being a member is important and what it does to strengthen our agency and make our mission possible! The commitment on your part is just to support us with your membership.


Of course, we would love to have you get to know us with a visit when the time comes again.  We would love for you to be a part of the amazing things that take place with the support of The Arc of Delaware County but we also know what life in the twenty-first century looks like, especially during a global pandemic. We know that the future is uncertain and we support you in the best use of your time and commitments. That’s why simply becoming a member is powerful and supportive enough to help us move forward into what tomorrow brings. We value you so much and hope you will take a moment to get behind our mission.


Thanks for listening and thank you for your precious time. We hope you are well and your loved ones safe. We look forward to hearing from you. The sun is shining and we look forward to what gifts will come out of these uncertain times!