Rachael came to us at the onset of the Covid pandemic. She was entering one of our day-hap programs as a Direct Support Professional, we call a Life Coach III. Covid19 happened and just like that, Rachael was showing us just how adaptive and flexible she could be. She rose to the occasion and both the people she supports and her new colleagues are singing her praises! Let’s join them!
“Instead of being at THRIVE I now do dayhab goals in the home of the people we support. I just started the day everything shutdown so my Life Coach 3 training has been executing dayhab goals at a residence. [To protect myself and others, I have been] washing hands more frequently, practicing social distancing as much as possible, and wearing a mask especially when I cannot social distance. My family and I don’t go to the grocery store as much as we did and we try to avoid public settings as much as possible.
[Personally, life is] a little stressful, truthfully. My first day was the day everything shutdown. So learning a new career during a pandemic hasn’t been easy but very much worth it. I love my job with the Arc. At home, it’s been a little more stressful because we haven’t been able to see family and to us, family is very important. My 9-month-old daughter hasn’t been able to get to know her family like she would if there wasn’t a pandemic. [To take care of myself and stay healthy and strong..] I do outside work at home as much as possible. Nice fresh air does one good.
A DSP is essential especially at a time like this because those we support need that support whether there is a pandemic or not. Some people have trouble with change and this has been a big change. They need us to reassure them to know everything will be okay and we are here for them during this difficult time. Also, although people cannot go to program we have not forgotten about their goals and will do everything in our power to help them succeed, [this is why our work matters.]
I absolutely love being a DSP! The Arc has given me a great outlook on life and a wonderful career opportunity. The people we support and the staff I work with are absolutely amazing.”
Rachael, we applaud you for your dedication, your whole-hearted work approach, and for just being a wonderful part of our team! Thank you!!