Are you hesitant?

When asked to be a supporting member of a non-profit agency, there are often many questions that come to mind. Often times, there is a hesitancy. We completely understand! 


That’s exactly why we would like to clear a few things up. ♥ Do any of these questions resonate with you? 

  • I would love to become a member, but honestly, I have no time to dedicate to anything extra! What do I have to do? Great question! You don’t have to do anything! Just supporting us by purchasing a membership is enough. That’s it. By spending $5  for an annual membership or $100 for a lifetime membership, you are saying that you care about the people we support and believe in our mission to provide services that help people live personally fulfilling lives! 
  • What does my money go toward, anyway? Of your $5 annual membership fee, $4 comes right to The Arc of Delaware County, helping to support our mission and provide the support and services that assist your neighbors,  family and friends to live fulfilling lives of opportunity, citizenship and dignity. Specifically, your fee goes in a membership account that helps us to pay for communicating with you and our community, keeping you informed.  $1 goes to The Arc New York of which we are a chapter. 
  • How much can $5 really do? Your membership is so valuable that it is actually a three-tier membership! When you become a member of The Arc of Delaware County, you also become a member of The Arc New York and The Arc national. 
  • How does it benefit the people you support if I become a three-tier member? This attachment can best describe just exactly how becoming a member of The Arc of Delaware County benefits people in the IDD community at the local, state and national level. Take a look! Clipboard_Three-Tier_Membership 
  • Really? There is no other obligation on my part? Really. We just want you to support us and be a part of our “friend-raiser”. If some day you want to come visit us (when we are able to have visitors again), volunteer with us, attend an event, or get to know people we support, we are here. Until you are moved to do so, and even if life never really does open that opportunity for you, that’s okay. Your membership still matters and means everything to us! 

We really need you now. 

These times are trying to say the least. Our memberships have declined over the past several years and now with the onset of a global pandemic, it has set our supporting member base way behind where we really need it to be.


We have so much more to accomplish together!

We have advocated for equal rights for people with disabilities for a long time and that advocacy can’t stop now! We’ve come a long way from the days of state institutions and situations like Willowbrook because we’ve worked hard and because self advocates and early supporters were a force to be reckoned with! The work is not through! We do not know exactly what a world post-covid will look like but what we do know is that the people we support deserve the same opportunities in life as everyone. That means we need a better informed public. Awareness is an outgrowth of membership, and awareness is the next step in continuing to create society‐wide acceptance of  people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. People who are “differently abled”, people who have so much to teach us! 


Please, renew your membership today! Become a new member today! Ask a friend or family member to become a member today too! We need you…


You need to be at least 18 years old, be a resident of or work in Delaware county NY, or have a family member with disabilities in Delaware county to become a new member. You do not need to meet these requirements if you are renewing. ♥

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