A few weeks ago some of our staff began talking about a documentary they watched on Netflix called Crip Camp and how it impacted them in such positive ways. It was so inspiring that all staff have since watched it and are having small group discussions.  We are in the midst of those discussions now.


While each group discussion is slightly different because they are comprised of different groups of people, most if not all have been inspired to talk about self-advocacy, advocacy, and what changes still need to occur in order for people with disabilities to truly have equal rights to opportunities and lives well lived.


We share the words posted by The Arc National, “We emphasize that all are entitled to human and civil rights regardless of age; gender; race/ethnicity; sexual orientation; cultural, linguistic, geographic, and spiritual diversity; economic status; severity of disability; intensity of needed supports; and other factors that expose them to increased risk of rights violations.”  You can read more of that message here on The Arc Nationals website.


The documentary coupled with recent social events are inspiring us to have these great discussions and check in with our selves and our mission, making sure our actions align with our desire for all human beings to have equal opportunity.


We encourage you to watch the Netflix documentary, Crip Camp as well. It seems hard to imagine a world without accommodations or access for people with disabilities.  Where handicapped ramps did not exist or people with disabilities had no way to get on a bus. It’s important to see where we have come from in order to be inspired by where we want to go.


As you will see in Crip Camp, change requires courage.  It also requires sacrifice and commitment. And sometimes it requires a new level of freedom to become empowered and know that, We Can!