Rita, who lives on her own, was so happy to be busy and around friends again!

Small steps forward mean so much! Keeping people safe while providing quality of life opportunities takes on a whole new meaning in a Covid19 world!


While we were able to provide day services to people who are supported in our residential settings during the many months of sheltering in, the people we support that live independently and with families were only able to receive those services remotely. That required support to use technology or to have internet technology and access which some people didn’t have and the classes offered through zoom were not always of interest to people. Many of the amazing people we support were not connecting much at all. So when we were allowed to open but only with very limited capacity, the people not living in a Delarc supported residential situation were the first to be offered services. We continue to offer day hab services to those who live in our residential programs. At the end of the day, we are slowing getting back to supporting everyone to live fulfilling lives increasing our community-based supports also.


The first day was very exciting for everyone! Many people had not seen staff, with perhaps the exception of our “We miss you” drive-by parade in many months. Isolation is such a difficult thing for all of us! Our THRIVE program director, Sheri Hull talked about how busy she got “doing”!   And Leah Schmidt, our Studio Coordinator, said “Everyone was sooooo happy to be here!! It was wonderful.”


We proceed with caution, inch by inch, step by step, and hope to be able to unfold a bit more soon! We are so thankful for everyone’s patience as we all make it through this together!!