Friends, we need your support!


This is a lot of information and we hope you will take a moment to weed through it. Your support is critical right now!


As part of our overall advocacy campaign against cuts to I/DD supports and services, we will engage in an all-day “phone rally” on Thursday, September 24. We ask that you take 10-15 minutes out of your day to share your story and how these cuts will personally affect you and your loved ones.  Below are some helpful resources and instructions to assist with this effort.

Also, if you have not already done so, please take part in our letter campaign focused on the same message. Every contact made makes a difference. We must be willing to ask our legislators to represent our needs and honor their oath of office to serve our most vulnerable people.

After you make your calls, please complete this short survey so we can measure the impact of this initiative. It also helps us reach back out to legislators and build on the foundation you have laid.


Who to Contact 

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 1-518-474-8390

Find Your NYS Assembly Member:

Full Assembly Member Directory:

Find You NYS Senator:

Fully Senator Directory:

After you are finished contacting the Governor, Senator, and Assembly Member, you can contact other leaders in both houses if you want to “phone bank” this message. Here are the four legislative leaders. If you are excited to share this message, you can call as many as you would like.

Carle Heastie, Speaker of the Assembly  

Albany: 518-455-3791

District Office: 718-654-6539


Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senate Temporary President and Majority Leader Albany: (518) 455-2585

District Office: (914) 423-4031


William Barclay, Assembly Minority Leader 

Albany: 518-455-3751

District Office: 315-598-5185


Robert Ortt, Senate Minority Leader 

Albany: (518) 455-2024

District Office: 716-434-0680


For more help and a script check out this document. Urgent Call Rally

If you read this far, thank you! We need your support!