Dorothy Emery and Marisa Romano aren’t just long time housemates and friends, they are also both 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award Winners! Each of them were chosen as 2020 award winners from the two different programs they attended.  Each spring, every program nominates people who have shown outstanding achievement over the past year and has been an inspiration to others through personal perseverance and individual growth.


We celebrate these grand achievements with an awards ceremony at our Annual Member Meeting. Everyone looks forward to the annual event and many people are inspired to work towards winning the award! It is a cherished event for everyone! While Covid19 put a temporary (we hope) suspension on our public event, it could not suspend celebrating with the winners and the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from winning the prestigious award.


Dorothy Emery received the THRIVE Outstanding Achievement Award for her dedication to achieving success with her goals and commitment to excellent attendance. Dorothy applied the goals she reached to everyday life.  She

is upbeat and a wonderful role model for all! Dorothy learned how to utilize a Hallmark Card computer program and makes sure that now her friends all receive cards on a regular basis for birthdays, special occasions, to say, “I miss you” or just for a “pick-me-up”.  Dorothy attends both THRIVE and the Maple Leaf program on a regular basis and is a dedicated volunteer at the Hancock Senior Meal center for the past 10 years! She is a good friend, always ready with a compliment for another, and independently completes her volunteer duties with cheerful excellence! Congratulations Dorothy! You are an inspiration!



Marisa Romano received the RFI Outstanding Achievement Award for making great strides over the past year. She has excelled in the goals she chose for herself and began a new employment endeavor (pre-covid).  She is a great advocate for both herself and her peers. Marisa takes great pride in her progress and strives every day to be a great friend. She is always willing to help where help is needed and has a positive attitude when faced with the challenges of everyday life and is incredibly self-aware. The team at RFI and her peers were so excited to present Marisa with the 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award! Congratulations Marisa! Job well done!!






Katrina presented Dorothy with her award.
Melanee presented Marisa with her award.
A happy day for housemates/friends, and their support team members!