Periodically through the year, we like to have some fun and build team spirit by having an agency-wide spirit week. This year we realized that building team spirit would just scratch the surface of what we needed to support one another through these very difficult times. We needed to connect. Connection is something deeper, something from which team spirit can grow.  Connection itself is the foundation of amazing teams. So “Delarc Connection Week, Covid Style” was born and we had a lot of fun with it!


Take a tour through the week with us and see the many ways we connected! We hope you have as much fun as we did, and we hope you feel a deeper connection to us as well after sharing in our fun!



We started with Hats Off to Monday! 

  • Monday – Hats off to a new week!  
  • Hats off is all about showing admiration for something praiseworthy! Show your admiration for one another by expressing “Hats off” in some fun way! You can wear a hat and share a picture, send a fun hat meme or gif, find a poem or song about hats and share the lyrics, put a hat on your dog and take a picture, or have fun together making paper hats! Whatever you want to do to say ‘Hats off to a new week’!! Let’s just do it together and share it, “All Delarc User” style!  



Keep scrolling! Tuesday was Team Spirit Day! 

  • Tuesday – Team spirit Team spirit is a feeling. It is a camaraderie among a group that enables them to cooperate and work well together.  
  •  Express this in any way that makes sense to you. ?  Anything! Wear logo apparel. Represent your favorite sports team. Accomplish something you could not have done alone! It’s entirely up to you!! Have fun with it! 



Going Strong into Wild Wednesday! 

  • Wednesday – Wild Wednesday Let’s get wild!! 
  •  Cook something crazy like Green eggs and ham or pink mashed potatoes.    Put on some awesome music and jump around the room. Try something new! Whatever you chose to mark Wild Wednesday, just share it so we can share in your wild experience!  



Don’t give up! We’ve two more days to go! Thankful Thursday!

  • Thursday – Thankful Thursday  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, let’s share some gratitude 
  • Do whatever you want here. Share what you are grateful for. Tell someone you are grateful for them and why. Tell a story about the most memorable Thanksgiving you remember. Whatever feels like a great way to engage in Thankful Thursday. ?  



We’ve one more day left.  You made it this far! We ended our week with Festive Friday that included a fun Zoom party at lunchtime! It was a great time!



You made it! If you’ve come this far you made it all the way through our fun Delarc Connection week! We hope you enjoyed sharing the fun with us and hope you feel a little more connected than you did before your scrolling journey!  Stop back again soon!