A Message From Molly ~

As we start off the new year, the team at Delarc is focused more than ever on CONNECTION.  This pandemic has reminded us of the importance of genuine, human connectivity.  It is irreplaceable and vital to our lives, having a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. It is instrumental to living a personally fulfilled life!


Right behind our Shift Happens approach, the core of Delarc’s soul, connection and caring relationships are front and center.  During this pause, we have been working harder than ever on ways to ensure people we support are indeed connected…  connected to friends, connected to families, connected to the local community, connected to our global society.


It is exciting to use technology in new and different ways to achieve connection and also to look ahead at what supports and services can look like in the near and the not so near future.  Many unknowns remain, but one thing the Delarc team is certain of is that 2021 will be devoted to relationships and connections regardless of what the universe throws our way.