The Delarc Team with staff from Kraft Food who brought a generous donation to The Big M in Walton.


On January 18th, MLK  Day of Service, once again team Delarc took to the parking lots of our local grocery stores to collect food for local food banks. Our communities are so supportive and important to our mission to support people to live personally fulfilling lives that we jump on the opportunity to give back.

This year we collected many boxes of food and cash donations for three of our communities and we did so with a renewed commitment to actively fight harder against racism,


Rita braving the wet and cold day at Freshtown in Margaretville.

against ableism, and against prejudice. While Dr. King inspires us to community service with his words, “Life’s most important and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”, he also inspires us with his words, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

We stand for diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and equality for ALL. As we head into 2021 we renew our commitment with an even greater degree of action to actively fight harder against racism, against ableism, and against prejudice. We hope you will join us!




This year the communities of Margaretville, Stamford, and Walton NY stood with us in providing for those in need as  2020 brought with the pandemic a greater need for people to have food in the face of financial hardship. In Walton, we collected food at The Big M to be distributed to the Walton Food Bank who supports approximately 50 families per month with that number increasing to near 100 during the 2020 holiday season.  We braved the cold and rainy day at Freshtown in Margaretville where the generous community provided food that was distributed to The Catskill Mountain Christian Center food pantry in Margaretville. They support approximately 200 families each month.  This year we were pleased to put the Stamford community on our list of MLK day of service food drives where generous community members came to the Tops Friendly market parking lot to provide food to be distributed at the Sacred Heart Parish food pantry in Stamford.


The generosity of the communities was overwhelming! We are so proud to be part of these communities! In addition, we also received cash donations at each location that in total added up to $555.  These community food banks were both blessed and delighted to have the help of re-stocking their shelves and using the money for items in need after the holiday season.


Sam and Freddy give friendly greetings to Stamford supporters at Tops Markets in Stamford.

Our CEO, Molly Little put it best when she reiterated the words coming from the Arc New York saying, “the Arc doesn’t advocate civil rights for SOME people, but for ALL people. I’m very proud of this team…  Let’s keep going, folks!” In Dr. King’s words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We look forward to supporting our community to justice everywhere and for everyone!