Terri Beers, truly a hero without a cape, one of Delarc’s amazing essential workers, and a shining example of the heart and soul of our essential staff!


Terri has worked for our agency for over 25 years! Recently she was promoted to our Residential Department as a House Manager. It is our delight to share a little bit about Terry with you.


At the onset of the pandemic when everyone’s world turned upside down Terri shared how she was doing personally and what she was doing to protect herself, the people she supported, and her family from Covid-19. She shared with us then that her role had changed with the temporary closing of the day program she worked at. She shifted to support the residential program and has since been promoted to House Manager!


It’s no wonder, Terri is a shining star! All those months ago she told us she was “washing hands a lot, wearing PPE, making face masks for family and friends, cleaning out the freezer to avoid going shopping as often, sending cleaning supplies with my son for his apartment, during walks maintaining social distance and in stores also.” Back then she told us that she was “doing well,  taking time for myself, doing hobbies, spending time outside when it’s nice out, taking walks, eating healthy, pacing myself so I don’t clean everything at once!”


When Terri said this all those months ago, “I feel that if I don’t show up to work, who will support persons with challenges? They need as much support as anyone else going through this.” Her understanding of just how essential her role as a DSP is was very clear. It is reflected in her commitment and dedication and those amazing qualities have stood out and shone brightly at this difficult time.



Val Moore, Terri’s supervisor while she worked many years at a day program had this to say, “Terri has absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge during her time with the agency.  Terri can quickly assess nearly all situations well and consistently remains calm in the face of crisis.  As a matter of fact, when crisis situations arise, most if not all employees say, “Where is Terri?”.

Now that Terri provides oversight for a beautiful home shared by a handful of people supported by The Arc of Delaware County, her new supervisor Kat Pheysey had this to say, “Since joining the residential team, Terri has made it her mission to foster a warm and inviting home for the ladies that live there. Her attention to detail and her work ethic has been truly admirable during this stressful time and we are lucky to have her ?.”


If you see Terri in the neighborhood, give her an extra special greeting (from a safe distance of course!) and know that you have just encountered a hero without a cape!