Molly welcomes Delarc’s newest team members with our mascot, Blesher.


Spring is in the air, and excitement is everywhere at Delarc.


Many of our staff members and the people we support have received vaccines against COVID-19 and while we remain hyper-vigilant It is fun and refreshing to open life up a bit more.  People are creating art at Studio 190, the kiddos are playing at Carousel, folks from Residential are slowly heading back into stores to do some shopping, and staff members are able to have more in-person meetings and training. We are no longer relying solely on virtual Zoom meetings any longer. After a year of being on a pause, it is nice to slowly start to feel our world open back up (safely and cautiously).


Another exciting part of spring in April is Autism Acceptance Month. Delarc is actively working on 2021 goals and our goal on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is very meaningful. April was once known as Autism Awareness Month. In most recent years the focus has been changed to Autism Acceptance Month. The Autisic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) has placed a focus on informing the public, “Awareness operates in stereotypes and soundbites, not real people. Awareness has no substance; it is but a tool to earn more money to fix us and to promote yet more awareness. Awareness is easy. Acceptance requires actual work. Acceptance comes from a place of understanding. Understanding isn’t generated by soundbites and poster-children. Understanding takes work.”
Delarc stands by, “Nothing about us, without us” and is honored to be part of a mission promoting acceptance. Happy Spring to you all. Stay safe and be well.