Sarah (Right) with her apartment mate, Amanda.

Sarah sat down for a few minutes to tell us a little bit about herself. She had many things she was very proud to share and wanted others to know a little about her life.


At the top of her list was her move into her own apartment on September 3 of 2020. She loves having more independence!


Some of the things Sarah is most proud of is how she has learned to cook more independently in her kitchen and to shop more independently. She set out to meet some goals to attain this newfound level of independence and she continues to strive towards goals with the intention of living even more independently. She says she has a support team to help her meet goals, such as budgeting because she wishes she could live on her own in a couple of years.


One of Sarah’s favorite things to make in the kitchen is flatbread pizza. She also makes a point to clean her house every day. Living room clean-up is on her duty list. She shares household cleaning responsibilities with her apartment mate, Amanda. Sarah likes having someone to share an apartment with and was quick to want Amanda to be in the picture with her. She likes to watch movies. Right now Robin Hood is her favorite. She likes to go on walks a little bit. She also likes to do things in the community, when she can. Fred, her staff from community supports, takes her out to do stuff like going to get a special drink from somewhere. She likes to do things like that to break up the week. She is looking forward to being able to do more in the community as the “vaccine makes it better”.


Sarah is scheduled to go camping at the end of summer and is excited about that. What she likes best about her time at camp is even more independence. Sarah is living her best life and strives to continually grow. She is an inspiration for growth, overcoming obstacles, and making the most of what life brings.