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Our 2021-2022 Membership drive has begun.  Individual members have been the strength of The Arc of Delaware County since its origin in 1967. Families and individuals working together as members provided the manpower for local Chapters like ours, the state organization, The Arc New York (since 1949), and the national organization, The Arc. The collective effort of our founding members built the foundation for the programs and services which are available today.


The Arc of Delaware County has been a driving force for continually improving the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities here in Delaware County.  As friends of The Arc of Delaware County, you have probably heard us share the importance and how grateful we are for membership support to  our local efforts, like fully including people we support in every aspect of life of the community.


Perhaps less widely known is how the Chapter’s membership contributes at the statewide and national level as well. Your membership is a three-tier membership. Your membership with The Arc of Delaware County, comes with a membership with The Arc New York and The Arc national.


Below are five important reasons why we need members across the state and nation:


1. Members provide clout! A large membership means a louder voice is heard by local and state legislators and national policymakers.


2. We need to provide the opportunity for more of the people we support and their families to have access to  programs and services, have a say in advocacy efforts, and increase awareness of The Arc of Delaware County, The Arc New York/The Arc.


3. Members can grow in to volunteers.   As more volunteers are attracted to the work of our agency, our leadership base for the future can develop and grow.


4. We need a better informed public. Awareness is an outgrowth of membership, and awareness is the first step to creating society‐wide acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


5. We need dollars to fulfill our commitments to those we support. Although membership is a FRIEND‐raiser and not a fundraiser, membership dues could help generate funds to support unfunded or under‐funded local programs and services if we grow our member base.


The Arc of Delaware County is truly an organization influenced from the grassroots upward.  Our grassroots tradition is the pulse that influences the directions of public policy, constitutes the basis for legislative action, and promotes social change. We must be constantly reminded that the hard work and active membership that got us where we are today is definitely needed to meet the challenges of the needs that still exist. 


Membership matters!  Please join or renew today.

Become a Member Today!