We sat down with David recently, to give him the opportunity to share some things about his life well lived. David was excited to share a bit about himself and it was such a pleasure to learn more about him. David Shawn Nichols is 34 years old. He is happy to be living in town, sharing the experience with friends and even more excited about recent employment in the village!
David started working at Mirabito recently where he cleans and stocks shelves. He works Wednesday mornings. He is very pleased with this new adventure and proud of the goals he met in order to make this happen. It feels great to accomplish his goals after working so hard to get there. His current goal he is working on is budgeting. Now that he is earning some money, “it will be helpful”.
David likes to go for walks. He also likes to read from his Highlight subscription a little bit every day. Another accomplishment he feels great about is learning to cook. David likes to cook and does so often. He is such a good cook, in fact, that his staff encouraged him to take his picture in the kitchen where he spends a lot of time creating wonderful dishes!