Matt with staff member, Gary.
Matthew Wilson wanted to be part of talking about living a great life so we sat down recently and had a wonderful visit.
Matt will be 37 years old in August and is a big Nascar fan. His driver of choice is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Several years ago Matt set a goal to learn the skills necessary to cook for himself and to learn kitchen skills that would allow him to find gainful employment. He has successfully mastered both of those goals. He cooks often for both himself and his housemates and enjoys it a lot. Prior to the pandemic, Matt was working in the kitchen at THRIVE where he washed dishes, cleaned and plated food serving both breakfast and lunch. He is working closely with his employment coach, Mike, to find a job in the community using the skills he has mastered in the foodservice industry.
Matt shared that accomplishing these goals is part of what he is most proud of, that and doing his own laundry and having a steady girlfriend. As well as looking for employment in the community, Matt has set goals to improve his skills in money management, reading, and phone conversations. Someday, Matt would like to get married.
In the summer Matt likes to spend time with his family and usually, they all take a cruise out of Florida. He likes to fly. They fly to Florida and then board the cruise ship. They are all hopeful to do that again in 2022.
Matt wanted his friend and staff member, Gary to be in his picture. Gary was thrilled to be a piece of Matt’s life story, a life well-lived. ?