Corinne loves all kinds of trucks. She loves anything to do with emergency squad and fire department trucks and activities! She is really excited about Wednesdays because she helps her friend, Ted, who collects the garbage from her house with a large garbage truck. She loves it!
Corinne is 58 years young. She enjoys going to church. Her faith is a large part of her life. She likes to go for walks and hopes soon to be walking a lot more. Corinne also likes to ride bikes and hopes to do that again too. Her favorite music is country music, gospel, and pop songs from the ‘70s and ‘80s. She does not like movies that are violent but loves I Love Lucy, The Dukes of Hazard, Cops, and her favorite, Rolling Hot – Denver Fire! Corinne loves to go camping.
When asked what she is most proud of, Corinne says “working on relationships”. She is very proud of her long-term relationship with her boyfriend Shannon. He is very special to her. She loves him very much. She is very happy that they can visit each other outside now. For a long time, they couldn’t because of the virus and that was hard. Corinne’s very best friend is Martha. She talks to Martha almost every day on messenger.
Some things that are challenging that she says are “worth it” are the work she is doing on walking away when that is what’s best to do. She hates vulgar language but is learning that she doesn’t need to fix that and can just walk away to a private and pleasant space like her room. Corinne wanted to share these challenges because she said, “It might help someone who is working on that too. I am independent, I do my own stuff and I don’t like when people watch over me because I do normal stuff.” Corinne is excited about doing community hab with Tonya. She likes to work with kids when she gets a chance. She plays on the playground and likes to swing with kids, “but not the slide”. She likes to sing and play Bingo. She hopes bingo at The Legion Hall starts again soon.
When asked what Corinne would like people to know about her she says, “I am a nice person. I go to church and pray for people who are upset. I help as much as I can. My life is good. The only thing I want to do now that I haven’t done yet is community hab.”
Corinne’s friend Bobby taught her how to drive the lawn tractor last year and she loved that so much. “It was so fun! I love to mow!” She loves learning and helping teach fire safety. She enjoys watching fire safety videos. She loves to help staff when they come for vantage point. “I can work with them and show them what they need to know to help out people with disabilities.” Corinne shares that she likes to play basketball and play Wii. She would like a Wii console someday. ?