The Arc of Delaware County is a proud Chapter of The Arc New York, the statewide organization that supports and connects 37 local Chapters in realizing our statewide mission to provide people with disabilities the ordinary and extraordinary opportunities of life. As a member of The arc of Delaware County, you are also a member of The Arc New York – one of 100,000 members statewide. Each of those 100,000 voices is essential in advocating for sustainable, quality services and supports for New Yorkers with I/DD, and collectively, our voices raise a powerful call.


The Arc New York recently launched a new Strategic Plan. This framework will move our statewide organization forward with a unified vision to better support local Chapters and the 60,000 people and families we serve across New York.


The goals of The Arc New York Strategic Plan were developed based on feedback from hundreds of stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Thanks to that input, collaborative efforts to achieve these shared goals are well underway.


The Arc New York Strategic Plan focuses on seven areas that will strengthen our programs and services, support and sustain our dedicated workforce, ensure financial sustainability, elevate statewide advocacy, enhance diversity and inclusion, and support innovation and evolution throughout The Arc New York.


We encourage you to take time to review the Full Strategic Plan, a Strategic Plan Poster, and an outline of the Initial Strategic Initiatives. The Arc New York will also be sharing regular progress updates here. You can learn more about our connection to The Arc New York here, and follow The Arc New York on Facebook to stay up to date on advocacy efforts and hear stories from The Arc of Delaware County and other Chapters across New York.


The Arc of Delaware County is a partner in these larger efforts. The impact of the important work that happens here is multiplied every day at programs throughout the state. Together we serve one-third of all New Yorkers with I/DD. Our Chapters regularly collaborate to navigate challenges, share expertise, and best practices, and bring forward ideas for progress. The Arc New York sustains that network, advocates with the state, and provides guidance and resources to strengthen our Chapter and others.


Throughout the past year, we have seen with certainty that we are stronger together. We invite you to connect with The Arc New York and to continue to collaborate with us as we all work to provide people with disabilities with the ordinary and extraordinary opportunities of life.