“Next Year We’ll Party!” – Board members who attended the 2021 Annual Meeting hold a sign, hopeful for a 2022 celebration.

The 2021 Annual Membership Meeting was held Saturday morning, June 19th, at the Hamden Town Pavilion.  You couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather that day and the setting looked so inviting with picnic tables adorned with Unity Blooms from our Studio 190 program.


Attendees were delighted to gather for this in-person meeting after the 2020 Membership meeting was canceled due to COVID restrictions.  This event was not combined with our Annual Awards presentations this year making the program brief and attendance smaller than usual.  As the sign in the photo says, next year we’re looking forward to having a grand celebration!


Vice President Sandra Bullis welcomed people to the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting and thanked them for attending.  She shared “our organization was founded 54 years ago by a handful of dedicated family and friends, who became our very first members. Members are the foundation of our existence and through the continued dedication and support of our membership, our organization continues to meet its mission of supporting people to live personally fulfilled lives.”  Our 2021-2022 Membership drive is currently underway.  If you aren’t currently a member or haven’t yet renewed, please take a moment to do so now by clicking this link:  Become A Member.  As you can see, Membership matters!


The Board President, Lori Cetta, addressed the Membership in her Presidential Report. She praised the organization for the resilience, innovation, and creativity it has demonstrated over the last year and a half.  The agency was able to overcome obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and continues its commitment to serve Delaware County by delivering the best services possible.  She thanked the whole team for their dedication and hard work.


The Slate of Candidates for the Board Officers, Directors, and the Nominating Committee was presented, accepted, and elected into office.  Wayne Marshfield, Hamden Town Supervisor, and Zen Petersen, a representative of The Arc of Delaware County, administered the Oath.

OFFICERS serving for the 2021 – 2022 term include:
President, Lori Cetta
Vice President, Sandra Bullis
Secretary, Nat Thomas
Treasurer, James Warren

DIRECTORS serving for the 2021 – 2022 term include:
Amy Beveridge
Mary Jane Giarrusso-Wilkin
Bonnie Martin
Nat Thomas
James Warren
Rocio Watkins

NOMINATING Committee serving for the 2021– 2022 term include:
Sandra Bullis  (Chair)
Amy Beveridge
Bonnie Martin

Current Directors (2020-2022)
Lori Cetta
Sandra Bullis
Kathleen Green
Ira McIntosh
Johna Peachin

*Officer & Nominating Committee Terms Expire Yearly
*Director Terms Expire Every 2 Years