We are getting ready to shower our Direct Support Professionals with some love and recognition as we celebrate nationally recognized DSP week coming up! The tokens of our appreciation can not even begin to express our gratitude for this profession!


  DSPs are the backbone of supporting people to live personally fulfilling lives. Their role encompasses that of a confidant, a mentor, a teacher, a nurse’s aide, a cook, a cleaner, a driver, a job coach, a partner, an ambassador, an advocate, an encourager, and a provider.


Here at DelArc we currently staff about 100 and have positions open to fill. DSPs go above and beyond, and all across the nation rose even higher during the pandemic. In our organization, staff volunteer to cover open shifts. Some of them work in as many as three locations and many times spend more time with the people they support than they do their own families. It is every day, all day. It’s over-nights and it’s weekends. It’s the holidays and during snowstorms.


These essential workers are our unsung heroes. If your friend, family member, or loved one is supported by a Direct Support Professional, we encourage you to reach out with a warm expression of gratitude during DSP week and beyond! They are the reason your loved one gets to strive, thrive and live a personally fulfilling life 365 days a year!


If you would like to thank a DSP that works at The Arc of Delaware County, email us at delarc@delarc.org with your message of gratitude and we will ensure the message gets through. Our thanks are the least we can do for this hard-working, dedicated, committed, and loyal group of people! Here at DelArc we do our best to celebrate them, recognize them and give them the kudos they deserve not just during DSP week but 52 weeks of the year!


Take a moment to scroll through our older blog posts to read some of the amazing stories of DSPs that go above and beyond each and every day. Stay tuned as we continue to feature their stories on our website and in our newsletter.