Personal Fulfillment Through Independence and Freedom!


When it was time to submit nominations for the 2021 Achievement Award in the residential program at The Arc of Delaware County, Gary’s achievements stood out among the possible candidates.


Gary’s recent move to a new home became an amazing turning point in his life. He achieved a higher level of independence through vastly improved ADLs (Adult Daily Living Skills) since his move. He is happy and shows a great deal of pride in showing guests his room. In a space to call his own, Gary has gained confidence proudly carrying his room keys showing everyone that he is the one making the decisions about his space.
This independence and newfound confidence have shown up in many other areas of Gary’s life! He makes his own coffee using K-cups now, gets the mail independently, and uses his cell phone. His favorite thing is to listen to music on his cell phone. Watching this shift in Gary’s life has been an absolute joy.
Seeing the excitement and joy that comes from his achievements makes everyone excited for what Gary will decide he wants to accomplish next! Gary has worked hard to overcome some very difficult hurdles to achieve this level of independence and confidence. Receiving the Residential Achievement Award was a wonderful way to acknowledge how far Gary has come, and celebrate the recognition his hard efforts and success truly deserve. It was with a great deal of pride that Gary’s team nominated him for this award.




It was also with a great deal of pride that Gary accepted the award. He was overwhelmed with joy knowing that his effort and dedication to moving forward had been recognized. We were all overwhelmed to see Gary commended for a great year of growth, success, and personal fulfillment. In the midst of a tough year filled with change and a viral pandemic, these accomplishments are a demonstration of the determined, capable and absolutely awesome guy that Gary is!




Congratulations Gary! Enjoy your accomplishments. It is an honor to be a part of your success!