Ann with her job coach Mike S.

Ann started at Family Dollar in Stamford, NY March of 2018. Like any of us, Ann was nervous to begin her new job and also like many of us, that nervousness showed up as being very quiet. Soon Ann got busy in her role. She started off stocking shelves. Mastering that she eventually worked her way up to working as a cashier running the cash register.


All promotions in a job role come with areas of challenge.  There were item voids from scanning an item multiple times and preferring to correct the problem herself, Ann ran into some walls. Ann’s team of co-workers and her supervisor at the time, Floyd, were more than willing to lend the helping hand Ann needed to reach her full potential. They saw it from the start!


Ann’s self esteem and confidence grew and her communication skills improved with the support of her colleagues.  As the years progressed, Ann improved greatly running the cash register. The support of her manager and co-workers contributed to her success.


Ann is appreciated by the customers who enjoy speaking to her and love running into their long time community friend when seeing her at Family Dollar. “Everybody loves Annie. The customers just love her.” says her current supervisor Desiree.  Ann‘s flexibility on the job is outstanding. If one of her co-workers call in, Ann is more than willing to help out with the coverage. Desiree tells us she can always count on Ann to fill in, “She is very dependable.”


This past year, Ann had only two voids on the register that were easily corrected. She calls for help or rings the bell for assistance with ease now knowing she is part of a team that is there to support her. Ann is appreciated by Desiree and her co-workers more than she knows! Ann‘s previous supervisor, Floyd put it best when he said,  “Ann is a ‘key ingredient’ of Family Dollar and an important asset to the team.


Ann, we are so happy for you! Congratulations on receiving the 2021 Annual Achievement Award in the Employment & Transitions program. We wish you many years of career success!


Special thanks to Job Coach, Mike Sikorski who co-wrote this article and continues to support Ann in her success!