A few times a year we ramp up the fundraising efforts at DelArc. The support of our community means a great deal and the generous donations go a long way to supplement under-funded programs such as our preschool program (Carousel Children’s Services) and Residential services. While behind the scenes we continue to advocate on a legislative level for sufficient funding to meet the needs of the people we support, at the end of the day we are about doing what needs to be done. Supporting people to live personally fulfilled lives cannot always wait for decisions to be made on a state and federal level. This is why the grassroots foundation of DelArc is, and always has been, so incredibly important to us and why we are eternally grateful for the support.


We are excited to announce the grand opening of Studio 190s pop-up market! It gives artists a place to sell their incredible art as well as provide an opportunity for people we support to see if they’d like a job in retail. DelArc is seizing the opportunity to collect aggregate data to decide if an affirmative business might be viable in the future.


The Halloween Hootenanny was a blast! It was great to see families and friends be involved in the creative trunks that provided treats at a safe distance to attendees. The community response was overwhelming!


Whether it’s supporting DelArc to raise funds, considering the people we support for employment, being a trusted friend and great neighbor, or just coming out to have a blast with us, our communities mean the world to us and are vital to our success! We are incredibly thankful for all of you.