Since its inception, Studio 190 has considered occupying some brick and mortar space to sell the fantastic art being produced by the contributing artists. DelArc has been working methodically and diligently to both facilitate the development of each artist in the studio while maintaining the goal of allowing the artist to profit from their craft.


The artists have spent the last few years finding and honing their talents. The artwork has evolved as each artist has tapped into their creative minds as well as gotten in touch with what types of medium they love to work in and find their style. The results have been absolutely amazing.


The back-office scene has been busy getting to the point of opening its first pop-up shop.  Up to now this has included procuring gallery exhibits, attaining grants, participating in artistic events, selling at farmer’s markets, hosting community participation events in several locations, cataloging inventory, creating a point of sale website, streamlining the production of the studio’s signature piece, the Unity Bloom, and having a lot of fun along the way!


The Studio will proudly open it’s Pop-up Shop Saturday November 20th from 10 – 3 at 119 Delaware St. in Walton, NY. The shop will be open from November 20th through the end of January. The hours will be Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 6 and Saturday – Sunday: 10 – 3. 


The pop-up shop will allow the artists to generate an income from selling their art as well as give the people we support an opportunity to see if they would like to work in a retail setting. We are also going to leverage the opportunity to collect important data that will be used to assess the viability of an affirmative business in the future. The market will include commissioned products from artisans in the community as well.


Please be sure to start your local holiday shopping experience with Studio 190!