It’s hard to believe this year is over already! Time flies when you’re working with a great team and supporting amazing people to make the most of the new COVID world we live in.
When I think about 2021, my mind keeps flashing on a simple thought, I am grateful for and proud to be a part of Delarc. The wonderful people we support, the dedicated employees, the engaging community, the supportive families and the diversely-talented Board of Directors all contribute to our success.
Thank you all!
At Delarc we have so much to be thankful for including the many wonderful things that have happened in 2021. First and foremost, our focus was on health and well-being and then looking ahead to the future.
We created new positions at our agency and have filled Director of Accessibility and Director of Community Networks positions as we look at enhancing our community-based services. We opened a Pop Up Shop in Walton that will give us real-time data as we assess, “should Delarc operate a business in the upcoming year?” (Read more about the Pop Up Shop in this newsletter).
We listened to the people we support and what services people are looking for today and in the upcoming years. COVID certainly changed our world at Delarc and we aim to be even stronger than we were pre-pandemic.
We wish you and yours all the best, the happiest of holidays and a fantastic new year!