Lisa Nichols, THRIVE Program Director 

We are thrilled to announce our newly promoted THRIVE Program Director, Lisa Nichols. Lisa has been with us for 25 years! We asked Lisa to tell us a little bit about her career journey with DelArc:


“I began my voyage with DelArc as an Instructor at CLS-W (Community Living Skills center in Walton, NY).  It was there that I fell in love with DelArc’s proactive approach and mission for those we support. As my career moved forward as a Senior Instructor at CLS-W, I decided to take the leap to the THRIVE program as a Community Habilitation Trainer. I “thrived” at supporting people in all walks of their life as they pursued their dreams and individual goals.  


In 2006, I became a Life Coach X at Thrive. It was in this role that I found my true passion in advocating and supporting people to truly lead personally fulfilling lives. I am overjoyed at the opportunity to be the Program Director for DelArc’s Thrive program. Our future will hold new and exciting adventures while we hold true to our  Mission and Unifying Principles.” 


Congratulations Lisa! We are all so excited to have you at the helm, guiding the THRIVE program to support people in the ways they want to continue to grow, learn and live! You truly are amazing and we are so thankful you are a part of the DelArc team.  ♥