The Arc is on a journey to become a more diverse organization and movement that is fully accessible, equitable, and inclusive. Since embarking on this journey, we have made vital steps, committing to improving our staff’s racial and ethnic diversity, strengthening outreach to diverse communities, creating a dynamic Access, Equity, and Inclusion (AEI) Team, and investing in new partnerships to advance AEI.

As we celebrate this progress, we also re-dedicate ourselves to our commitment to equity and to answering the key questions that drive our work:

  • What does true inclusion and equity look like for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?
  • How do we ensure we are centering the voices and experiences of people living at society’s margins?

To help us meet these questions, we have developed a new Strategic Action Plan for Advancing Access, Equity, and Inclusion. This plan is the result of a multi-year process, which involved gathering the opinions and experiences of our community members, chapters, and people and groups from diverse and marginalized communities.

Our plan is available in English and Spanish, with more extended and summary versions also available.

This strategic action plan will guide our path forward to meet changes and challenges for years to come. It will keep us accountable and steadfast on our journey to becoming a more vital, accessible, equitable, and inclusive organization. It will help us grow in our leadership in AEI, ensure The Arc becomes more representative of diverse and marginalized communities, and guide us to promote social justice and follow the lead of marginalized groups, communities, and activists.

This plan supports our Strategic Framework for the Future of The Arc. We also hope this plan will guide our 600 chapters nationwide on their AEI journey.

Now more than ever, The Arc must do its part to strategically build the disability rights movement into a more diverse force for change. We proudly present our Strategic Action Plan for Advancing Access, Equity, and Inclusion as a critical guide on this journey.

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