The kind and easygoing Chris Morris is a resident of Hobart NY. He enjoys Pokémon Go, shopping, music, fashion, food, playing the lottery, and socializing with friends over a beer.


Chris enjoys working at The Arc in Hamden. When he isn’t working or enjoying his peaceful and quiet life at home, he is out enjoying and helping at various community functions such as Delarc’s Halloween Hootenanny and Christmas events.


When asked what an inclusive community looks like to you, he responded, “A caring and opened-minded community is built on kindness and respect, a non-judgmental community.” He appreciates an honest and kind relationship with people. Chris wants people to be open-minded and try to get to know people.


When asked what he would like in a community, words that came to mind were, “Acceptance, understanding, patience, awareness, friendliness, and openness”.


How can you live your life to represent those words within the community?