Meet Krystina Volpe.

Krystina requested this interview because she has friends and family with autism, and shares “I want everyone to feel included”. Supporting autism acceptance is important to her.
Krystina feels it can sometimes be difficult for people with autism and other disabilities to make friends. She encourages you to get to know her or anyone with disabilities, “We’re no different than anyone else”. If you meet Krystina, we think you’ll agree she is a warm, friendly, ray of sunshine with a big heart. And you’re in luck because she would love to expand her circle of friends!
She feels that one of her greatest accomplishments has been living on her own for the past seven years. She enjoys the freedom that living independently affords her, though she sometimes feels bored and wishes her social calendar was a little fuller.
Krystina is an artist. She has created many beautiful pieces of art at Studio190. When she isn’t at the Studio, she enjoys arts and crafts at home and at the “Red Brick Church” in Walton where she is currently taking a pottery class. Krystina combines her love for the arts and her big heart by hand-making birthday cards for friends and family and creates and sends around 100 Christmas cards yearly. She will start her Christmas card-making process as early as October to ensure everyone on her list receives a special one-of-a-kind card.
When Krystina isn’t working on an art project, she enjoys swimming at the Oneonta Y and shopping. Occasionally Krystina will get together with friends to go for walks or to the local thrift stores. Just recently Krystina traveled to Myrtle Beach with Ruth, a good friend and support to her. Together, they soaked up the sun and ocean breeze, and spend some quality time with Krystina’s mom. When Krystina isn’t able to get away to visit her mom, she enjoys daily conversations with her over the phone or Facetime.
Krystina sure appears to live an active, fulfilling life; the only thing she feels is missing is more people to share it with. If you connected with Krystina’s story, live in her community and cross paths with her, take a moment to introduce yourself. You never know if a new friendship might blossom.
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C.S. Lewis