Meet Wendy Evanitsky, a wise, kind-hearted lady who is well known and liked within the community. Wendy enjoys working closely with Margaret, her Life Coach. “She is my rock” Wendy sweetly stated. Wendy loves both her Life Coaches, Margaret and Rene.

Wendy is also very close with her twin brother. She stated that they have the twin connection where she is able to sense his mood without him being present. Wendy loves her friends and family. She enjoys spending time with them, hanging out or going to the movies.
She enjoys watching “Full House”, painting, and listening to Christian music. One of her favorite songs is “The truth I’m standing on” by Leanna Crawford. “I can listen to that song over and over”.
The biggest message Wendy wants people to know is she believes in advocating for yourself. It is important for people to understand that her wheelchair is an extension of her body, her personal space.
“Please do not touch or move my chair without asking me”.  Doing so can be disrespectful and startling.
Most people can agree that they wouldn’t want someone to grab them and move them somewhere, especially unexpectedly. It is important for everyone to be kind and respectful of others’ personal space.