Delarc’s THRIVE location held another fun and bubbly Paint and Sip. The canvases, easels, paint, and paintbrushes were set up in the Hamden cafeteria. A group who signed up for the paint n sip, grabbed their spot and was eager to get started. Barbara Stoesser, the lead artist, walked the group through a fun painting of a moon, dark blue sky, along with pussy willows and tulips.

Barbara_Stoesser_paint n sip
paint n sip3
BJ_paint n sip
Brian_paint n sip
Jessica_paint n sip3
Sylvia_paint n sip
Joe_paint n sip2
Zen_paint n sip
Brian_paint n sip2
Jessica_Syliva_paint n sip
Joe_paint n sip
Paint n sip
paint n sip2
paint n sip4
Stephanie_Brennan_paint n sip
Stephanie_Joe_paint n sip
Wiona_Joe_Paint n sip
Wionna_Sylvia_paint n sip
Wionna_Sylvia_paint n sip2
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Life Coaches, Jessica Baldi and Wionna Myers as well as Delarc’s volunteer Stephanie Nelson assisted the group during each step. They gave the group an option for a flute glass of sparkling cider or champaign with fruit to go along with their paint and sip experience.

Zen_paint n sip2
Wionna_Sylvia_paint n sip2
paint n sip5
Joe_paint n sip3
JoeC_paint n sip
Joe2_paint n sip
Brian_paint n sip5
Jessica_paint n sip
Joe_BJ_paint n sip
Brennan_Paint n sip2
Barbara_Stoesser_paint n sip2
JoeC_paint n sip2
Brennan_Paint n sip
Joe2_paint n sip2
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The event was a success. Everyone had a fun and laid-back time. One of the best parts about paint and sip events are the results of everyone’s interpretation of the painting instructions. Some chose to place their moon closer towards the corner of the canvas, some moons were large, some were small. Some painted more pussy willows whereas others painted more tulips, and some decided to paint whatever their heart desired which was encouraged. The paintings were unique and different like each person.  Everyone shared a fun experience and came away with a potential Mother’s Day gift (as Dawn Davis suggested).

Zen_paint n sip3
Jessica_paint n sip2
Paint n sip6
Sylvia_paint n sip3
Joe2_paint n sip3
Brian_paint n sip6
Joe_paint n sip4
BJ_paint n sip2
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If you have a talent or hobby you could share with us, we encourage you to reach out!  Contact Community Relations at 607-865-7184 or to discuss how you can support our mission of people living personally fulfilling lives.