Terresa Vengen, the strong, funny, and extremely caring resident of Delhi spends one day a week at CLS Walton, proudly working completing janitorial duties.


“I love my job, I like helping out”


Terresa stated, as she explained her routine. She will make sure the trash cans are emptied, dishes cleaned, and the plants are watered. Terresa will begin her day at 8am and work until 1pm. If she finishes early, she will talk with her supervisor, Val, and offer to help out wherever she is needed.


For eight or nine years, Terresa has been working at CLS as a janitor.
“I am 63 and I’m not quitting because I love this place.”

When Terresa is not at work, she enjoys spending time in her apartment, hanging out with friends, creating art or working in the yard.

Terresa explained that she cannot work more than one day a week. Earning too much money would affect her disability benefits which is a big issue within the disability community.


The Arc U.S. posted earlier this week on Facebook:

Wednesday, April 26, the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a funding bill that would be devastating to people who receive Medicaid, including people with disabilities, their families, and the workers who support them. The bill includes a whole new set of eligibility requirements for everyone on Medicaid to meet. This would add more red tape that results in cuts to Medicaid and would make it even harder for people to access the vital care they need to thrive.
Contact your members of Congress NOW with our easy-to-use form and urge them to oppose harmful work requirements and cuts to Medicaid! https://pulse.ly/p1kv2wkdz2
We have come a long way in the disability’s community, but we still have a long way to go. People with developmental disabilities face day-to-day challenges, worrying about how to keep their benefits should not be an added challenge.