One of our Life Coaches, Rachael Dougherty, was recently promoted to Life Coach 10!
(Laura Jean and Rachael)
Rachael was hired as a Life Coach 3 at Delarc’s THRIVE program back in 2020, right as the pandemic hit. This unexpected event was an example of the flexibility she has to offer. Due to the pandemic and the closure of day programs, she kicked off her career with Delarc working in the residential homes where she was most needed.  Once day programs opened back up, Rachael had already formed a lot of wonderful relationships with people she would be working with at THRIVE and had gained a lot of knowledge from her time working in the residential program and was eager to begin her Life Coach 3 role.
Before starting at Delarc, Rachael worked as a home health aide. It was through a friend that she was informed about the career path in Delarc, specifically the THRIVE day program in Hamden, NY. She was ready for a change, learning about Delarc and the open position piqued her interest so she decided to apply.
She originally applied as a Life Coach 1, but through the interview process Rachael and the team together agreed she would be most suited for the Life Coach 3 position.  She appreciated how they worked with her to determine the best fit.
(Rachael demonstrates her position during an egress with OPWDD staff, Adrienne Mazeau)
When asked what her favorite part of being a Life Coach 3 was, she stated:
“I loved the relationships I built with everyone I supported and that I was able to help people achieve the goals they had set for themselves.”
(Rachael handing out candy during Delarc’s annual Halloween Hootenanny)
A few years in to her Delarc career, Rachael decided to apply for the Life Coach 10 position.  Rachael shared she had been watching and learning about what Life Coach 10’s do since she started and had always been interested in it. It got to a point where she knew she wanted more for her career and to help in more ways, so she decided to apply for this leadership role.
She continued with,
“I’m still new to my current position as a Life Coach 10 but I love what I do. Being able to support people to truly identify what is most important to them, while also being able to help people achieve their dreams is truly a blessing.”
Delarc has a competency-based Career Ladder, with Life Coach positions ranging from Life Coach 1 to Life Coach 20. Staff are supported to learn and grow, climb the Delarc Career Ladder and attain goals they have set for themselves.
To anyone interested in beginning your own Delarc career journey, Rachael encourages you to do so! She added,
“[Delarc] Such a rewarding place to be and you’ll never feel like you’re coming to “work”.”
(Brittany Celli, Dawn Davis, Doe O’Connor, and Rachael Doughtery)
If you, or anyone you know, are looking for a career change, and are curious about becoming a Life Coach/Direct Support Professional, please click the link below and apply today! We look forward to meeting you!