The Arc of Delaware County and the New York Arc Chapters Celebrate Progress for People with Disabilities with a Statewide Week of Service.


The Arc of Delaware County is joining people with disabilities, staff and families across the state to celebrate The Arc New York’s 75th Anniversary with 75 Acts of Service. The Week of Service, which runs June 1-8, serves as a commemoration of the organization’s historic achievements for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), a celebration of inclusion, and a call to action for continued engagement from communities across New York.


Local Chapters of The Arc New York provide supports and services to more than 60,000 people with I/DD in every county of the state, including here in Delaware County. Together, we’re mounting 75 service projects in a single week to improve parks, neighborhoods and communities across the state.


Delarc’s two acts of service for the week are cleaning up the Delaware County Fairgrounds and a Kid’s Sizzlin’ Summer Fun Day.

“We are thrilled to join The Arc New York in celebrating 75 years of service with 75 acts of service,” said Molly Little, Delarc CEO. “75 years ago, the people we support today would often have been isolated or institutionalized. These projects showcase their contributions as active and engaged members of their community and serve as a reminder that opportunity for people with disabilities benefits us all.”


“This statewide effort is a reminder that we are stronger together,” said Erik Geizer, CEO of The Arc New York. “We can each make a difference in our own community. Together we’re rallying hundreds of people to make positive change together. That’s how the parents who founded The Arc New York drove progress, and we best honor their legacy by continuing their work.”


Celebrating 75 Years of Advocacy & Opportunity


One mother’s three-line ad in the New York post ignited our entire system of support for people with disabilities


In 1949, Ann Greenberg placed a classified ad in The New York Post, seeking other parents in need of support for their children with disabilities. Her son Jerry had been denied admission to public school due to his intellectual and developmental disabilities. A handful of parents responded to the ad and started meeting in Ann’s NYC apartment. Within just a few months, hundreds of parents got involved. There were virtually no supports or opportunities available at the time, and it was common for doctors to tell parents that the best place for their child was in an institution. But these parents wanted more for their children.


The organization they founded evolved to become The Arc New York, the largest provider of supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York state. Today, 35 local Chapters of The Arc New York provide supports and services for more than 60,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in every county of New York state, and The Arc’s full reach extends nationally.


In the 75 years since its founding, The Arc New York has driven transformation and progress in the lives of people with disabilities, fought and ended the abuses of institutionalization, and developed a robust system of community support in our mission “to provide people with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities the ordinary and extraordinary opportunities of life.”


About The Arc New York


The Arc New York is the largest family-based provider of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York State. Since 1949, The Arc New York has been a strong advocate for the rights and inclusion of people with I/DD. For more information, visit